Rocko Mountain Reserve

When Dave Crankhouse messaged me to let me know he had the new crop of “Rocko Mountain Reserve” I wondered how they could possibly beat last years balanced fruity yet floral pure joy but somehow…. they have!

This coffee is purchased via Falcon which on their website state

“We are coffee origin specialists building
Collaborative Supply Chains between farmers and
roasters for shared profit and positive impact.”

it’s essentially fairer than fair trade something that people really need to consider when purchasing their daily cup from some other retailers.

The coffee itself it’s a Yirgacheffe which scored a staggeringly high 90.50 by SCAA this is as good as it gets folks….

I brewed in a Espro French Press twice filtered it’s the cleanest cup I have ever had. (Tea lovers can also brew tea in this too!) Tastenotes : naturally sweet, flavours of strawberry possibly even melon with minimal acidity similar to a black tea; having a wonderful full mouth feel and the aroma is stunning. Best drank black although I would love to see how this works as as single origin espresso or flat white!

Not only is this coffee delicious if you purchase it here you support an independent retailer and as a wonderful bonus your purchase also supports a fabulous charity that empowers girls through running and education “Girls Gotta Run” so purchase some of the best coffee you have ever had and also earn extra karma points for being awesome!


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