Music sweet music 

It’s really difficult to write about music. I there are many albums I have missed slipping under the radar as more and more artists take to self releasing in the hornets nest that has become ‘the music industry’.

If you believe I have missed a crucial release then drop me a line send stuff or leave a comment below my ears are always open….


Shoppingwhy choose (FATCAT)

 When Someone described this album to me as math-rock but I simply sneered at that overused explanation of what has proven to be a wonderful record of love, anxiety and everything in-between. Catchy guitar hooks, a driving bass and off beat drums are affronted by singer Rachel Aggs whose questioning vocal makes you wonder why can’t I do it? whatever it maybe it doesn’t matter cause before you have even decided…it’s side two time!

The lyrical content has been accused of being political but doesn’t every record that has a ‘female singer’ who doesn’t conform to the threshold of societies ever expectant standard of what a female should be like. Rachel is a singer (and a really great guitarist too) why should her gender have a bearing on her musical ability?


Beautiful ltd edition clear vinyl and a cover/poster  with a super cute illustration the vibe of the release is very DIY very cool.This record which no doubt will attract plenty of post punk and Slits references but my pointers for this album are more ESG and  the sadly underrated Las Kellies.

listen to some tracks and if you like please buy the record!
Nozinjalodge (WARP)


This record is a joy. The party record of 2015 It literally makes me beam. Great for energising yourself on those “I have too much work to do days” but not one for writing the dissertation to.The shanghaan electro pioneer wows us with his debut release on Warp.

This style of music which has been lauded by everyone from Honest Jons through to Warp is an exploratory dance music which hails from South Africa, we are no longer in “Graceland” Toto….!

And thank goodness!

Nozinja producer of many of the Shanghaan records released over the past few years calls out

“Many years I walk alone, my baby!

many years I walk alone my sweetness!”

it’s the tender moment on the album before the dance really kicks off with the almost happy hardcore style high pitched “baby do u feel” vocals.

Nozinja is from Soweto home of much celebrated African music but his roots are in Shangaan and the root of the music is traditional dance music – this music is then modernised with a heightened  BPM to create something that you could perhaps describe as furious African slingteng.

I adore this album I can understand that mania of it might not be for everyone –  but if you are open minded and in a good mood go for it!



AttraktorsFuture Systems E.P

Rarely does anyone tagging their albums with the krautrock moniker have any bearing to actual krautrock. Maybe they might have heard ‘the model’ somewhere or maybe they have a copy of ‘Tago Mago’ but the reality is the feel is so light we are talking bantam ; with Attraktors it’s not so this E.P sits so nicely next to my Faust, Eno, et el that I demand a vinyl release!

The E.P opens with MAXIMUM minimum a word heavy lesson in how our actions can have a multitude of effects on those around us. Greed and negativity infiltrate our lives from corporations and the choice news we are lumbered with on a daily basis – so let’s not get stuck in the hating game huh?

The rest of the EP follows in such a way that you almost feel that this could have been recorded at the start of an extremely promising career in the seventies. This is not bad thing either! It’s genuine without appearing retro.

The instrumental on the EP ‘Theme from unknown (program)’ has got my intrigue it plays out like a film score or perhaps a TV programme score? But judging by this bands references to computers and science I almost feel it could be a game soundtrack? Or even the loading screen to some ancient forgotten commodore 64 program.

Another key track on the E.P is ‘future Systems’ which evokes lyrical imagery of machinery, computer science and maybe secret code or language only the band themselves know about. Either way vocally think early Eno. Musically it’s exciting with driving drums, keylines and that undeniable bass.

Search Mode reads like a shopping list of foods, chemicals, drugs, and other temptations complemented by a symbol crash it’s more low key than the other tracks on the record and is welcome break from the pace of the previous tracks.

The EP closes with a excellent version of Escape from New York.

You can listen and purchase here

Please support these artists by purchasing the recordings from independent record shops if possible.
Thank you 🙂



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