Good vibes only

Finding good coffee can be awfully hard work back in the UK. I have found that despite what people say about New Zealand being behind with the times there are certainly many things they are getting right.

1. Coffee
Yes it’s actually harder to find a bad cup it seems. Only having achieved that super sour going to have to use 3 sugars style cup once so far! In Auckland of all places.

My favourite coffee at the moment an Ethiopian kochere (ko-cherry) yes I know I am predictable sorry…. By coffee supreme. Which had a wonderful apricot flavour to it coupled with a floral mouth feel you might expect in a black tea! Divine! (

Ice coffee here is usually pretty good although some places add ice cream, cream and all the cherries on top kind of turning it into a coffee milkshake. My advise is speak to your Barista or wait staff as these are costly and unpleasant.

2. Pace
Things are much slower here there seems to be less rush. Less anxiety. Less need for speed. The standard response seems to be

“It’s all good”

To everything!! whether it be I forgot your order, I spilled your drink or I overcharged you by $20. Most people are too chill to care.
3. Friendliness
Walking through the streets in Whakatane I was stopped by five different people who wanted to help me find my hostel, drive me to my hostel and I suspect listen to my slightly bonkers UK accent.

The friendliness/helpfulness of shop staff, wait staff strangers on the street is really something I have never known in the UK. One shop measured my feet something I last recall happening around when I was 10 years old.

(Side note Kiwis love my accent  -which beats the usual ridiculing I have received over the years ) which brings me to….
3. Judgment
Kiwis seem less judgemental. It doesn’t matter if you are dressed down or up there is no room for judgment. You will get told by strangers that you look nice or they like your ‘pants’ (trousers not knickers) but in the same respect if you are  in ‘jandals’ (flip-flops) shorts and a ‘singlet’ (vest) no one cares either. Win win.

4. Hot tubs
Hot tubs are a really thing here. You can usually find a hostel with at least one in each town. If not most places have spa’s which are either very fancy or can be extremely reasonable. Ocean Spa in Napier is $10.50 and you can use it as long as you like, hot pools, swim lane, sauna and stream well worth it to strip away some travel fatique.

I always thought it’s just like a bath right? Wrong. It is strange like it has healing powers and it’s my new favourite thing.


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